FlyFSX - Tutorial for Flightsimulator X

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Chapter 1:
How to crash

Basic functions , Altimeter
Chapter 2:
Flying to Italy

VSI, Compass, Attitude Indicator
Chapter 3:
Cruising to Africa with a Jumbo Jet

Autopilot, GPS
Chapter 4:
Touching down at an airport
Chapter 5:
The Cessna 172 SP
Chapter 6:
Basic flying skills
Chapter 7:

Automatic landing
Chapter 8:
Air Traffic Control
Chapter 9:

more about GPS, VOR and ILS
Chapter 10:
Landing an Airbus A 321
Chapter 11:
Crash in Naples. The GPS fails
Chapter 12:
How to find an emergency airport
Chapter 13:
More VOR
Chapter 14:
The Garmin 1000
Chapter 15:

Manhattan, Pyramids and more
Chapter 16:
The Bombadier CRJ 700

Multiple windows
Chapter 17:
Visual Flight - Flying around Alaska in a Beechcraft
Chapter 18:
The Boeing 737
Copyright 2010 by
Robert Adé
Pappelallee 83
D-10437 Berlin



Welcome to FlyFSX

Hi folks.

All I wanted was having fun while flying around the virtual world with FSX. This turned out to be quite difficult.

I took lesson 1 from Ron Machado’s FSX tutorial where I got 100 points out of 100 and was hugely praised. From there on it went straight downhill. "You’re flying too low, too high, too fast, too slow, you don’t seem to be fit enough, we cancel now", while I was trying to learn how to find the right beacon.

That wasn't fun at all. I only wanted to play a computer game, not become a real world pilot.

So I smashed hundreds of planes and wrote my own tutorial.
Here it is.

Thank you.